Panel: Escogiendo una tecnología sin ser fan - Sergio Méndez, Diego Figueroa, Victor Marroquín Yalo, KCD Guatemala, Guatemala

In this panel, Sergio Méndez, Diego Figueroa and Victor Marroquín from Yalo discuss how to choose a technology without being a fan. Yalo is a company that is using Kubernetes, and the panel talks about different decisions happened at Yalo to choose cloud native technologies to solve problems.

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Usactar Soccer World Cup Real-Time System with Linkerd and Kubernetes, Cloud Native Now, virtual

In this session, Sergio Méndez demonstrates how students can learn about service meshes and cloud-native technologies using Linkerd in a university setting. During the session, Sergio showcases a university project that used Linkerd for observability and multi-cluster interconnection. The real-time system simulates the comments and analytics for soccer matches in an event called Usactar based on the last World Cup in Qatar. During the demonstration, Sergio will show how this system works, how to observe message queues in Kafka and how Linkerd uses a multi-cloud configuration to distribute components and data around different cloud providers.

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Deployment Strategies on the Edge with Flux and K3s, DeveloperWeek Latin America 2023

In this talk Sergio presents different continuous deployment strategies that can be used to deploy applications on the edge using containers. Specifically the ones that use devices with ARM processors that have a low power consumption. The talk also shows how Flux and K3s (A lightweight Kubernetes) can be used to implement continuous deployment for different needs on the edge context and the challenges of it. In the live demonstration, Sergio will show how to implement continuous deployment for a simple edge application that changes the color of a LED running on a Raspberry Pi device using K3s.

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Descubriendo el poder de la nube, panel, KCD Colombia, Colombia, Medellín

In this panel, Sergio Méndez shared his experience at Yalo with different speakers from local companies in Colombia. This panel was about best practices to get advantage of cloud native technologies and Kubernetes, and how this technologies can help companies to be success, while watching the lessons learned from the speakers in their companies.

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Internal developer platforms con ArgoCD y GitHub actions, KCD Colombia, Colombia, Medellín

In this talk, Sergio Méndez explains how to create a self-service implementation to provision Kubernetes deployments by using ArgoCD and Github Actions. During this talk, Sergio presented how to use this tools to implement a basic Internal Developer Portal using ArgoCD and Github Actions with a short demonstration.

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Buy vs. Build in DevOps, Uptime community,virtual

Join us for a lively discussion on the age-old debate of “Buy vs. Build in DevOps” with five industry experts. Our panelists will explore the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing pre-built software versus building custom solutions, and share their insights on when each approach is the best choice. Don’t miss out on this insightful online event!

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#140 Encontramos tu lugar en el mundo tech ,FHCN, Colombia, virtual

In this panel, Sergio Méndez shared about how the different communities in Latin America are growing and how Kubernetes is starting to be adopted in Latin american countries.

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Smart Farms con Kubernetes y LoRa, UVG University, Guatemala

In this talk, Sergio Méndez will showed to young univesity students how to use K3s and edge computing to build a smart farm system. This in person event was held at UVG university in Guatemala.

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Monitoring weather at the edge with K3s and Raspberry Pi devices, Civo Navigate, Tampa, FL

In this talk, Sergio Méndez will show us how K3s (a lightweight Kubernetes) is used to create a small edge computing system that monitors temperature and humidity in real-time at the Civo Navigate event. During this talk, Sergio will show the different parts of this small edge computing system, including a short explanation of how MySQL, Grafana, and K3s are used and interact with each other to show this information in real-time, all this running on a small K3s cluster using Raspberry Pi devices.

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Edge Computing with Kubernetes | Episode 63, Cloud Native Podcast

In this session, Sergio Méndez is going to share his experience and history behind why and what motivated him to write his book “Edge Computing with Kubernetes” by Packt publisher. After this introduction, he is going to give a walkthrough of the different chapters of the book explaining in a practical way how to use the content of each chapter to solve your day-to-day edge computing system problems and how to run your edge systems on ARM devices with the lightweight Kubernetes K3s.