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I wrote a book about Edge computing with Kubernetes. In this book you can find how to implement an edge computing system using K3s and Cloud Native technologies. Edge computing refers to process the information near to the source of data. It complement IoT scenarios to process information locally instead of send it to the cloud. So if you are interesting in IoT or hardware implementations this book can give you some good ideas to create your solutions using containers and Kubernetes.

Title: Edge computing systems with Kubernetes: A use case guide for building edge systems using K3s, k3OS and open source cloud native technologies

These are the chapters covered in the book:

  • Chapter 1: Edge Computing with Kubernetes
  • Chapter 2: K3s Installation and Configuration
  • Chapter 3: K3s Advanced Configurations and Management
  • Chapter 4: k3OS installation and configurations
  • Chapter 5: K3s Homelab for Edge Computing Experiments
  • Chapter 6: Exposing your applications using ingress controllers and certificates
  • Chapter 7: GitOps with Flux for edge applications
  • Chapter 8: Observability and traffic splitting using Linkerd
  • Chapter 9: Edge Serverless and event-driven architectures with Knative and Cloud Events
  • Chapter 10: SQL and NoSQL Databases at the Edge
  • Chapter 11: Monitoring the edge with Mosquitto, Prometheus and Grafana
  • Chapter 12: Communicating edge devices across long distances using LoRa
  • Chapter 13: Geo-localization applications using GPS, NoSQL and K3s clusters
  • Chapter 14: Computer vision using cameras and K3s
  • Chapter 15: Designing your own edge computing system

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The books was published in October 14th.

Thanks for support my work, this book is the result of years of teaching and learning cloud native technologies, use this book to learn Kubernetes and share with your students. It has some interesting use case that you can use at work or to create cost effective solutions at the edge.