Building the next generation of cloud native engineers, WTFisCloudNative

In this talk, Sergio Méndez, professor at USAC University, presents the reasons to teach cloud native technologies to students in the university, and how this helps them to build their skills and grow in their IT careers. He also presents how a student with the right skills will be able to tap into the global tech market, and how they may well innovate in their own countries, focusing on Guatemala.

He also will share his lessons learned and the challenges he found to choose the right content, to teach cloud native technologies like Kubernetes, Linkerd, or Chaos Mesh. He also explains how academia can help companies to adopt these technologies and the culture around cloud native.

In the end, Sergio will share how organizations like CNCF and projects like Linkerd, Chaos Mesh, and Curiefense are opening opportunities for students like speaking in conferences like KubeCon, Community Groups, internships, or doing contributions, giving real examples about what his students are doing in Central America.

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